Nwanta Anayoeze Yonaracha Net Worth


Net Worth: $ 2.5 Million.
State Abia state
Born ???
Country Nigerian
Occupation Nigerian businessman, , Humanitarian
Last Updated: 2020

How much is Nwanta Anayoeze Net Worth?

Nwanta Anayoeze is a Nigerian businessman and Nigerian billionaire from Umuahia Abia State who went viral for his lavish and grand gesture at an in Abuja. For some people, being the life of the party is about how well they dance or how good a time they have.  Nwanta Anayoeze is showing people how it’s done. The billionaire was recent sited at an event emptying wads of naira bills like chicken change.

What left people stunned and in awe was the huge stacks of cash in his arms which he sprayed with ease at the grand opening of Escoba Smith Hotel in Abuja. With over 10 bundles of N200 notes, the oil and gas magnet literally made it rain with naira notes at the event.

While others stared on in admiration, some began to spray him more naira notes even as here still had some bundles of cash still in hs arms.


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