Jerry John Rawlings Net Worth

Jerry John Rawlings Net Worth

Net Worth: $51 million
Town: Accra
Born:  June 22, 1947
Country Ghanaian
Occupation:  Ghanaian politician
Last Updated: 2020

How much is Jerry John Rawlings Net Worth?

Jerry John Rawlings (born June 22, 1947 in Ghana) was a former Ghanaian military leader and politician who ruled the country from 1981 to 2001 and also briefly in 1979. He led a military junta until 1992 and then served two terms as the democratically elected president of Ghana.

Following a coup d’état in 1979, Rawlings first came to power in Ghana as a flight lieutenant of the Ghanaian Air Force and took over as chairman of the. On 31 December 1981 Control of the country the Provisional National Defense Council. In 1992 Rawlings resigned from the military, founded the National Democratic Congress and became the first president of the Fourth Republic.

He was re-elected in 1996 for another four years. After two terms of office, which according to the Ghanaian constitution amounted to the upper limit, Rawlings approved his Vice President John Atta Mills in 2000 as a presidential candidate. He is currently the ambassador of the African Union for Somalia.

Jerry John Rawlings is also one of the Richest Men in Ghana He is a former president of Ghana. He ascended to the presidency in 1993 and served up to 2001. He made his fortune from the several top government positions he has occupied and through his various business deals both locally and internationally. His estimated net worth is $50 million.

Jerry John Rawlings is currently one of the richest and most influential politician in Ghana with an estimated net worth of $51 million