Uche Odoputa Net Worth

Net Worth: $ 900,000.
State Imo
Born 23 September 1969
Country Nigerian
Occupation Nollywood actor, model, television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist
Last Updated: 2020

How much is Uche Odoputa Net Worth ?

NET WORTH: Uche Odoputa is a famous Nollywood actor, model, television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was born on 23 September 1969 in Orlu Imo state, Nigeria. He is very pretty, skilful, creative and talented.

Uche Odoputa is originally from Orlu, Imo State . He graduated from both elementary and secondary school in Lagos State, western Nigeria, and graduated with both a first-year high school diploma and a West African High School diploma.

In 2000, Uche Odoputa joined the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) and began to participate in film screenings and appear as a minor character in films. He was about to become a popular Nollywood actor when he encountered a problem that deprived him of the opportunity to become a popular Nollywood actor.

In 2007 Uche Odoputa was arrested for drug trafficking, convicted and sentenced to eight months imprisonment. The case was later resolved and he was released from prison. During an interview with the Sun newspaper, Uche Odoputa stated that it was Nollywood comic actor John Okafor (Mr. Ibu) and the late Nollywood film producer Amaka Igwe who took care of him while he was still in prison.

He regretted his actions and stated that he had been taken into the illegal drug business by some people who had used his desperation to earn money. According to him, the incident affected his growth in Nollywood.

He further stated that as an interchangeable person, he was released from prison and had to fight from the ground up to rebuild his legacy, reputation, and dignity lost through the horror incident.

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Uche Odoputa is currently one of the most talented actors in Nigeria. He knows how to interpret his roles very well and fits in every character that a director gives him. Uche Odoputa is currently married to beautiful children and lives with his family in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria.

Uche Odoputa has starred in more than 200 Nollywood films including The Captor, Odum Na Akweke, Eyes of the Eagles, Shakara, Evacuation Day, Brothers War, Last Flight to Abuja , “15 Years of Slavery“, “Caro the Shoemaker”, “Pain of Poverty” Dirty Marriage, Royal Wedding, Take My Wife, Deep Shit, Ortega and His Enemies, etc.

Uche Odoputa has won multiple awards for his acting career, including Best Actor in the Africa Movie Academy Award, Best Actor in Nigeria at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award and Best Actor in Nigeria at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards and Most Promising Actor in Nigeria the City People Entertainment Awards.

Uche Odoputa is currently one of the richest and most influential actors in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $ 900,000.