Top 5 Energizing Meals to Eat When That First Labor Contraction Hits

You packed your hospital bag, but did you think about your last meal before your babe makes an entrance? Consider these five dietitian-approved meals to put your hanger pains at ease as you go through labor.

There are a lot of things first-time parents have to plan for when it comes to childbirth: Delayed-cord-clamping, pushing techniques, pain management, and skin to skin are a few things to consider.

But why doesn’t anyone warn you about the hanger that some women experience during labor?

While new evidence suggests Trusted Source that there may actually be some benefit to eating during labor for women with low risk pregnancies, most hospitals enforce a protocol that restricts you to water and ice pellets. Sounds, um… not so satisfying.

With that in mind, it’s best to plan ahead for what might fuel your body well during what will likely be the hardest workout of your life.

And yes, it IS a workout. Research has found that the energy and caloric demands of laboring women are similar to those of professional marathon runners. I digress…

Like most things in childbirth, my perfect pre-labor meal plan didn’t run so smoothly, and I ended up making some rash decisions. My unsightly pick? A massive bowl of spicy tom yum noodle soup that I thought might speed my labor along (spoiler alert – I was in active labor for 20 hours and that broth did not feel great coming back up after the big push sesh).

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